Throwback Thursday: For the People

Back in September 2017, people were going around doing this for the [insert private part] challenge. I am team celibate so that did not pertain to me. On the flip side, people were trying to get the ‘For the people’ challenge trending.

I wrote a little rap for it but did not have the nerve to record. I am going to share it though just because I am challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone. Also, I need to clear up space on my phone which brought this note on it to my attention.

If you do not know what the ‘for the people’ challenge was, there may still be some post on Instagram if you use the hashtag #ForThePeopleChallenge. If you check it out, feel free to follow @TheKimWilliamsIG, that’s me, while you are there for inspirational and thoughtful post (shameless plug).

Here we go:

“let me tell you what I’ll do for the people…
I got agape love for the people
Get on the mainline with the Big G, fighting evil for the people
You got a problem with accepting our freedom , I guarantee I won’t bite my tongue for the people
Not accepting any disrespect for the people
We gotta stop condoning violence for the people
Saying “why don’t we all just get a long for the people”
Going door to door in the hood spreading love for the people
Visiting the sick and shut in for the people
Being a role model to the kids for the people
Freedom riders in the 60s seen others slain before their eyes and remained posted up for the people! 
Protesting peacefully down on a knee for the people,
and they may not agree no matter how it’s done but we all united as one, 
making them uncomfortable and angry for the people
Boycotting the NFL for the people, 
We all gotta reach our best potential for the people
Regardless of who gets offended, let’s keep it real for the people 
We need to let go of some bondage disguised as “tradition” for the people.
Letting them know we black and proud, head help high everyday for the people 
Got me online trying to rap for the people
Being salty and bright on earth, Matthew 5: 13 and 14 for the people
Proclaiming unashamed until I die for the people”

Thanks for letting me share this with you! 




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