Ain’t No Sunshine

Some people have had experience with missing people and/or runaways. It is a hardship that I would not wish on anyone. I have a sister that ran away several times. Now, I don’t know her anymore. I reflected on her leaving once and this poem spawned from it. Also, I got the bold worded, quoted parts of it from a Bill Withers song entitled “Ain’t No Sunshine” (1971).

Ain’t No Sunshine

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone,”

                If there was, the blinds would still be closed because there is something to hide

                The untold stories of the liar

                Keep secrets and paint a picture, perfect

                Create the perfect picture

                Better yet, the less said, the better

                Because children should be seen and not heard

“It’s not warm when she’s away.”

                There were no extra clothes

                No shelter, no soup, no love

                Just cold hearts and soulless bones

                Plenty, but not enough fat for insulation

                Goose bumps form from dropping temperatures and raising fears

                Dawns clouds hanging get traded with cold winds by dusk

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone,”

                The darkness isn’t enough to take attention away from the missing pictures

                Company does not have to ask about that girl

                We sung this little light of mine around a campfire once, but it was extinguished

                Let’s pretend like everything is alright

                Keep in the hurt like humming the blues

“She’s always gone too long,”

                This draws a lot of attention to news sources, police, CPS,

                Church members, school staff, family, and friends.

                She was abused on the streets but it didn’t amount to what was already torn within

                Something that time won’t heal so it changed her

                Seven days, three weeks, six months

                Missing still as summer turns to fall.

“Anytime she goes away. . .”

                Things get a little easier around here,

                People are paying more attention,

                People ask about things that we’ve been dying to make known

                But what happens in this house, stays in this house,

                So the front remains prevalent

                It’s also clear that you aren’t coming back this time.

“And this house just ain’t no home.”

-Kim W. 


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