I’m not interested in mEn…

Shhhhhh, hold up! Hear me out real quick!

Do you notice something about the word men? Do you see that E? Why is that E there? Let me tell you! It’s there to represent plurality, which means more than one of something, right? Do you get where I am going with this? Probably not, so go ahead and keep reading.

Some people seem quick to tell single women why they are single based on what mEn want. Talking about some “Men like this” and “men like that”. That fails to consider the individual needs and desires of men and their complexities. Yes, complexities because they are not all the same, contrary to popular belief, but some how men end up getting clumped up together and bombarded with generalized assumptions about who they are and what they want, blah zay blah. That run on sentence though and this fragment (an incomplete sentence)!

Anyway, I have discovered that I am not interested in men. I do not like dating or getting to know multiple potentials. I am not a fan of men. I do not want men. Basically, I am only interested in a man. You see that A there? What does that represent? If you thought singularity than you are absolutely correct. Singular, as in just one person or thing. One man is enough!

The more that I get to know myself, love myself, and realize where I am and where I am heading, I realize that I am not for men. I think that this realization is good for all single women to have because it stops us from being Ms. flexible, bendy, stretchy, go with the flow Lady (at least until we are in the marriage bed).

Do you want to be a custom made woman or one size fits most?

We won’t feel the need to adjust to fit men’s needs and loose ourselves when we know for sure that we ultimately only want to end up with one man anyway. To hell with what all the other ones think, and what they want and need. It doesn’t matter! Do you want to be a custom made woman or one size fits most?

Single ladies, stop trying to impress the masses. Instead, be impressed and stable in who you are so that when mEn come along and loose interest, that’s okay because there is only one for you anyway. Less potentials, less problems. Let them go and you go about your business!

Like you so much that they do not have to. You won’t feel the need to alter anything about yourself unless you want to, not because some men made you feel like you have to.

Lastly, your worth is not depended upon your ability to get men. How about a quality man over having a quantity of men? Also, some of us just plan to be single which is perfectly fine too!

Take care!

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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