Welcome to Kimidty

Hey you!

Ki-mid-ty is the union of Kim, community, and (clean) comedy. No matter where you are in the world, we are all Knaybors (the K is silent) here.

I’ll make sure to be a friendly, fun, courteous, and helpful knaybor but excuse me if I’m a little loud sometimes or have to tell you about yourself. Who knows, I might need some of that in return because iron sharpens iron!

SOMEthings that you can expect from subscribing to Kimidty on Youtube are entertainment, empowerment, education, enthusiasm, and exploration of various topics.

Feel free to reach out on social media (Kimidty on IG, Facebook, and Twitter) or via e-mail (kimidty@gmail.com) to contact me about my visitors taking your parking space!

Seriously though, do you have any ideas for hard topics, questions needing thoughtful advice, or anything that may be pertinent to Kimidty? Send it my way via social media or e-mail! I MIGHT include them in a video and will ALWAYS give anonymity as within my power.

Thanks for coming!