“I’m sorry, I forgot who I was.”

From October, 2019

Sooooo, long time, no post, I know, I know. I’ve been in…..transition so to speak. In other words, I have been in a real laid back, taking it easy mode, doing only what is necessary to get by. That is still taking care of my responsibilities but not really striving for or wanting anything more then the peace and contentment I have.

I have experienced an urge to create. As He is, so am I, a creator. No way can I can compare but the apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree. When I do, which is more often then I’d care to admit, It is always there waiting for me to come back. Y’all will catch that later on. Anyways, to the inspiration for this post.

I was watching SpongeBob SquarePants which gives me all of the giggles. The information menu told me that it was Season 12, Episode 6. The first half of it is called “Gary’s Got Legs”. To be brief (not) SpongeBob was trying to exercise with Gary (the pet he owns) and Gary being a snail and all could not keep up. SpongeBob decided to give Gary legs and Gary started doing things he could have never done without them. SpongeBob puts Gary on a pedestal because people under the sea haven’t seen anything like it before. Later on, SpongeBob gives Gary hands too. Gary begins to serve SpongeBob in various ways and in the meantime, SpongeBob becomes more sluggish.

So, SpongeBob became like Gary and vice versa. Later on, after noticing Gary was working at the Krusty Krab instead of SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs finds out what happened then snaps SpongeBob out of it. Mr. Krabs also reminds SpongeBob that snails should not have arms and legs. SpongeBob thought it was okay because it made Gary happy. SpongeBob apologized for his degradation, or whatever you want to call it, by saying,  “I’m sorry, I forgot who I was”.

Geesh, well then! SpongeBob wasn’t meant to be deep but here I am ready to take it there. Now excuse me while I reach for a second. (This is a reach because it’s not the perfect analogy but work with me). Stop trying to make something work or function in a way that it is not supposed to. Don’t put having or achieving that thing on a pedestal then end up feeling down about yourself and thinking “I’m not enough”, “It is my fault that I keep failing”, “maybe I need to do this, maybe I need to do that”, etc, when it does not come to pass.

You are supposed take care of your responsibilities but they can’t control you. All that gives power to your Gary (the thing you are trying to make happen that is not supposed to) and soon it consumes you. It takes bits and pieces away from you that it should not have while you are left out here getting sluggish, chasing after the wind and always falling short, unsure of what you are really living for.

What do you do or should you do to bring you back once you have forgotten who you are? What or who are you trying to make into something it wasn’t meant to be?



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